High Tech Hacks is a hackathon, cohosted by High Tech's two leading STEM-focused clubs, SHPE and Tech Club, that seeks to bring together a diverse group of high school talent to invent, create, and push the boundaries of technology. By providing opportunities to explore the world of computer science and engineering to underrepresented groups, HighTechHacks seeks to bridge the representation gap in the tech industry. 


We have decided not to impose specific submission requirements. Communicate your project to us however you like, but remember that the more effectively you do so the better the judges will be able to consider it! Submissions may include a 2-3 minute video demonstrating/explaining the project, providing project code to the judges, screenshots of project, written description of project etc.

Hackathon Sponsors


$82,983 in prizes

SashiDo Credits (248)

$120 worth of SashiDo credits for all participants!

Balsamiq Extended Trial (249)

90 day access to Balsamiq's services!

1 Year Subscription to Framer (2)

12 month subscription to Framer services, to be divided equally among the winning team members.

Art of Problem Solving Gift Card

Each member of your team receives a $25 AoPS coupon!

IMC Swag (250)

Free t-shirt and waterbottle from IMC Trading!

Replit Hacker Plan (300)

1 free month of Replit's Hacker plan!

1 Year Subscription to 1Password (249)

1 free year of 1Password Families!

Wolfram|One (200)

Free 30 day access to Wolfram|One!

Wolfram Award (40)

Up to 40 people (max 10 teams) can win the Wolfram Award, worth $375 of Wolfram software products!

Qoom Starter Plan (249)

Free 3 month Starter Plan with Qoom!

Best Web App with Qoom (5)

1-year Pro Plan package, invitation to Qoom Creator Group, featured on Qoom Project Gallery. Teams must use the Qoom platform to be eligible for this prize.

SashiDo Machine Learning Challenge (5)

Our sponsor SashiDo is offering a special prize for the most original Image project build with SashiDo & Teachable Machine by Google! Winning teams will have their project shared on SashiDo's blogs and social media. SashiDo may also be offer an internship to the winners!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Kiae Seong

Kiae Seong
Cofounder and CPO / Qoom

Sabrina Vargas
SHPE Advisor / High Tech High School

Kevin Krauss

Kevin Krauss
Senior Software Engineer / Twilio

Jeremy Abuan

Jeremy Abuan
AP Computer Science teacher / High Tech High School

Judging Criteria

  • Design
    Was thought put into the project's design, function, and appearance?
  • Creativity
    How original, innovative, or unique is the project?
  • Technical Accomplishment
    How advanced is the execution and scope of the project?
  • Social Impact
    Does this project have the potential to do social good? Will it have a positive impact?

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